Introducing Oga Taxi, First Nigerian on Demand App

Oga TAxi Be the Oga Taxi Mode on

We have seen taxi apps try to replace the taxi business but the latest player in the industry, Oga Taxi is trying to do something different – to automate the taxi business for everyone by giving people options that were not there before and creating a system that provides equitable fare rates for both the passenger and driver.

What is it that we love so much about Oga Taxi? Well for starters, this is the first taxi app we have seen with the coolest name yet. The word ‘Oga’ resonates with every Nigerian as it is probably the most frequently used word among Nigerians in our daily run around. If you’re Nigerian, chances are high that you’ve called someone ‘Oga’ in your lifetime or someone has called you ‘Oga’ so we think the name is a big win for the company – GOOD LOOKS TEAM OGA.

As for the services, again Oga Taxi takes it a step further by giving the passengers three ride options (Standard, Deluxe and Executive); and also gives passengers the option to either pay with cash or card. No other taxi app before now has given this much room for passengers to breathe so it is perfectly right to say Oga Taxi is a breath of fresh air in the transportation industry.

Now you want to ask ‘so how can I use the app to get a taxi?’ and the answer is SIMPLE: download the app ‘Ogataxi’ from the Google play store or the Apple store, sign up and you can immediately begin to request a taxi. It is that easy and it is completely FREE to download.

Oga taxi be the oga
Oga Taxi is also open to partnerships with individuals who want to buy a car for the sole purpose of doing taxi work and making good money monthly. So how this works is you buy a car or if you already have an acceptable car by Oga Taxi standards, you contact the company and put your car under their management to be used for taxi business and you get paid handsomely at the end of every month.

What makes this story extremely cool and why you should definitely use this app is that Oga Taxi is the first indigenous taxi app in Nigeria and possibly Africa as a whole so this is our own home-grown product and it will only be right to support it. The founders, Michael ‘Nono’ Nnamadim and Ameh ‘Loko’ Idoko are two Nigerian entrepreneurs dedicated to effecting change in the country and on the continent.

So far the news about Oga Taxi is music to the ears as the first set of passengers and drivers who used the app during its pilot phase all have nothing but praises for the app. We are hearing good things and the company is promising to keep their business very community focused and never shift their stand on constantly tailoring the app to solving the problems of the average commuter in the country.